into the light
on Ikaria

Unite all the powers of body, mind and soul to the light. Practice yoga, meditation and receive a massage to discover your bright side.


Discover and enlighten your mind. The change first comes from within



Harmonize breath and movement through yoga, for adults and kids



Experience relaxation and relief through healing or Thai massage

Mind and Body in Balance

Practice yoga for mindfulness, balance, to be more present in the moment, to relate to Oneself, to others, to nature

Wellbeing – Relaxation

Massage deepens the breathing process and leads the organism to a state of bliss

Join us in our free meditation practice

Preksha meditation is a perceptive meditation based on the teaching of Mahavir (6th century B.C.E) and brought to the level of modern man by Acharya Mahapragya’s. It is a miraculous way of self-healing.

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